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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 13, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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agencies derail the legislation? plus a brutal attack on a local college campus. the suspect is still on the atlas. ahead later this hour the stars of the new show "glee "banned from the thanksgiving day parade. it is october 13th, and we are off to a decent start. enjoy it. looks like changes headed our way. i'm gurvir dhindsa. and i'm steve chenevey. yesterday high in the 50s. today will be in the upper 60s. after that back down to the 50s. >> we'll enjoy today. >> let's look we'll start with the current temperatures at the area airport. once again a cool start to the day in washington, it is 53 degrees. at dulles it is 51 degrees at this ur. in some areas we are seeing our temperatures in the 40s. here's eye look at the
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satellite radar for the region. we have some clouds in over us this morning. starbreak and a pretty sunrise this morning. later on more sunshine will make its way into the region as a cold front takes some of the cloud cover out of here. here's your forecast for today. generally speaking nicer than yesterday. skies become partly sunny. a milder afternoon with our high temperature right where it should be. 69 degrees would be the normal high for today. more details on the week ahead coming up in just a little bit. thank you, tony. let's check in with julie. back to work for a lot of folks, julie. it means our noses to the grindstone as we head into that 9:00 to 5:00 or 8:00 to 4:00. they are with us this morning, checking out the ride on the baltimore washington parkway. trouble if you are traveling
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northbound north of 17 before you reach 198, the accident activity tying up a lane as you guys travel northbound headed toward laurel. again as you can clearly see the activity the lanes are open. again just a brief tapping of the brakes. this is against the rush hour flow but something to make note of. if you have a flight out and you plan on using the parkway as your way to get in out there, expect delays as you con northbound north of 197. but before you reach 198. southbound no problems to report. big delays early this morning northbound on the bw parkway. taking it back inside, updating your ride on the george washington parkway. after route 50, still under investigation. you are going to find traffic diverted off at the memorial bridge.
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ride the loop, stay to the left toward independence avenue. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much, president obama one step close they are morning to making healthcare reform a reality. the senate finance committee set to vote on it today. if it passes it will be combined with a previous bill before going to the full senate floor for debate. that may not come easy. a new insurance industry audit claims the legislation means the cost of premiums will rise dramatically. young people choose not to get insured. you are going to put in people with preexisting conditions with chronic healthcare costs. they are expensive. >> and the young and hell they are cheap. >> unless you get everybody into the healthcare system the only people that purchase coverage are people who need healthcare services. that is not sustainable. the white house calls the
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study distorted and flawed. the ten year $829 billion includes limits for co-pay and his deductibles and financial help for lower income families. now to some of the other stories we are following on this tuesday morning. police are investigating a random and brutal attack at george washington university. it happened friday afternoon at the school of business. police say a man entered the school of business building and attacked a man in a bathroom on the second floor hit that go man twice in the back of the head with a hammer. the suspect is described as middle eastern with a stocky build and three quarter length pants. meantime police in maryland are on the hundred for a s been behind an attempted robbery and shooting. it happened near the intersection of spring hill lane and spring hill drive. a gunman tried to rob a 4-year-old man moments after the man pulled into a parking
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space. the gunman fired off at least one shot, grazing the man in the head. the victim drove to the relative's home. trailing in the polls, democrat deeds came out swinging. bob mcdonald is ahead 51-42%. during the debate last night, deeds again labeled mcdonald a no friend of working women or gays, and twice accused him of lying. but republican robert mcdonald appeared relax. >> you have got to start with a good tax environment. my opponent has been one of the biggest tax increasers. $3.5 billion of new taxes over the last company of years. he is proposing another 3-dz in tax increases this year. >> fact you just heard him restate a lie just now.
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i have not proposed a billion dollars in tax increases i can't bob mcdonald returns it northern virginia today. sheila bronson in tyson's corner. last week johnson had to apologize for a stuttering impersonation of deeds circulated on youtube. this is real life. a scientist working at the world's largest atom smasher has suspected links to al qaeda. details, coming up next. then coming up later this hour. lawyers for john and kate got nn head to -- for jon and kate head to court today. got lynn. 
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making headlines this morning. a scientist working at the world's biggest atom smasher is now facing preliminary terror charges. the 32-year-old worked at the lab in switzerland. he was arrested last week,
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along with his brother, suspected of involvement with al qaeda in helping the terror group plan attacks. but the preliminary charges mean prosecutors still don't have enough evidence to charge him. north korea is at it again, reportedly launching five short range missiles over the sea of japan yesterday. a news agency is reporting the north is preparing for fire more short range missiles. ead of the plan talks on its nuclear program. the children of the late martin luther king have settled a case. dexter king had been sued. he controls the slaincivil rights leaders's estate. marion berry is waking up at home this morning. he was released yesterday after being treated for dehydration and an infection for early a
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here's some good news for commuters this morning. metro rail stations shut down over the holiday weekend are reopened today. crews performed track work and affected service. metro expects everything to be back to normal for the rush hour this morning. well not a lot of glee here. the stars of the new hit fox show "glycose close now have an opening on their calendar. nbc produces the parade and the network is struggling ask didn't want to give any publicity tie competitor. fox. macy's said as with any live event the talent booking process is fluid and subject to
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frequent updates or changes. so maybe there is still some hope. >> jeelssy. pardon me. >> you okay? what's going on with our weather? i mean it is not a bad start to the day today. we have been paying attention and things could change, right? >> things could change. we are getting some of the clouds pushed out of here. sunrise going to be very nice this morning. a fair amount of sunshine during the course of the day. here's what's happening right now with current conditions being reported at reagan national. 52 degrees. relative humidity at 74%. barometric pressure 30.912 and falling now. temperatures across the country a couple of things to telyou about. first of all the cold air in place across the northern plains. minneapolis 28 degrees, bismarck 25, omaha 36 degrees, denver is
6:16 am
actually rebounding, 35 degrees there. warmer air in place but still rather mild across much of the south. atlanta at 59 degrees at this hour. satellite radar picture for the nation, most interesting thing here is a storm system pushing into california. get this. parts of california are going to see up to six inches of rain in some of the mountains down in southern california. is is not good news because of the fires they have had there. a lot of the brush and vegetation is gone. moving into southern california late tonight or tomorrow and again, this is going to be a problem there. they have also got very strong winds forecast. wind advisory. rain across texas. some of the clouds are pushing out as we speak. forecast for us for today looks like this. partly sunny, warmer today. our high today should be where it should be, 6 degrees,
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becoming rather breezy here too. winds out of the northwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. for tonight a cool night. i'll even say cold for some of you. in town, lows will be in the mid-40s. outside of town low 40 and his in the mountains a couple of spots where you'll see temperatures in the 30s. then changes come. tomorrow mid-50s, clouds move in. thursday low to mid-50s with a lot of cloud cover. rain develops on thursday into friday during the course of the day. very cool. it is going to be that kind of raw feeling with a high of only 50 deees on friday and rainy as well. saturday remains cool. that is what's happening with the weather. now to julie wrht for more on the morning rush hour. >> reporter: a crash occurred on the george washington parkway back in the 3:00 hour and remains under investigation at this time. we do have some tape from the scene. if you are traveling southbound on the parkway, traffic is diverted off onto the memorial
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bridge. again, it is a fatal crash which remains under investigation at this time. southbound traffic diverted off to the inbound memorial bridge. from there pick up independence avenue, or 110 headed back over to 395 and the gw parkway. traffic is already stacked up from his roosevelt bridge. is that let me take you back inside so we can update your ride elsewhere. traveling it virginia north bund i-95 at the prince william parkway. we temporarily had lanes blocked because of the crash. delays are forming headed northbound into woodbridge. top side the outer loop at a standstill right now. the problem is a crash before you reach georgia avenue tying up the second lane from the left. moments ago the accident northbound gw parkway on the
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shoulder at 197 with a back-up from powder mill road. eastbound i-70 shut down between 75 new market with a serious crash. use i 144 as the alternate. eligible families can apply not guilty fairfax county today. one is under the fuel assistance program. the crisis assistance program helps homeowners with emergency heating repairs and equipment replacement. applications are submitted november through march. are you feeling lucky? one of the most popular lottery game in the country could be coming to maryland. >> right now the game is only available dc. maryland's lottery director said there could be a formal announcement in the next couple of days. powerball would bring anest maid $25 million to the state.
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live pictures from sky fox. a developing story in beltsville, maryland. a house fire a single family home on fire. you can see numerous firefighters there attacking the scene and the flames. in the 4600 block of maples avenue in beltsville. no reports of injuries. money troubles have driven one of baseball's historic teams into bankruptcy. the cubs have now filed for
6:24 am
chapter 11. part of the tribune company's plan to sell the team. buy filing chapter 11 the new owners would be protected. the bankruptcy may only last one day. a court hearing is scheduled for this afternoon. time to turn our attention to our business news. all eyes are on wall street. and washington today. president obama's healthcare reform bill. chris cot soldier live in new york. chris, good morning. let's talk about what's happening with the dow first and the healthcare bill which wall street is going to be watching carefully. some predictions could hit 10,000? >> yeah, you know that is sort of the talk lately. all focusing on this 10,000. from a technical standpoint though, we are right at an inflection point on the s & p
6:25 am
500. it is a broader measure of the market and between 1070 and 1080 is a technical resistance. if we can finish a day and break above 180 on the s & p, we are kind of watching that number. we have been been able to do it over the last few days. our future right now is very flat on the day. yesterday we a day. we had one of the lightest volumes of theier. i expect a lot more today. with earnings from johnson and johnson intel and csx. >> how closely is wall street going to be watching what happens in washington today. what impact is that going to have on the market? >> chris, are you with us? all right. obviously we are having a little
6:26 am
bit of trouble with chris cotter's live shot there. we are not able to hear him again. we'll be watching to see what happens on wall street in light of what's going on right here in washington ler today in terms of healthcare. still ahead this morning we are going to be live in pennsylvania as lawyers for jon and kate gosselin head to court. plus a four-month-old baby turned down for health insurance because of his size. and a random attack by a man wielding a hammer on the george washington university campus. plus he is still on the loose. i'm sarah simmons, we'll have that coming up when fox 5 news returns. i love clothes! so my girlfriend says, "shop tj maxx."
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that is bet founder johnson teasing democrats deeds for stuttering. she litter apologized. and today she is campaigning with deeds's rival in northern virginia. deeds continued to hammer mcdonald over his graduate school pieces while mcdonald said deeds has a record of raising taxes. mcdonald is leading deeds by nine points in the race for virginia governor. let's check in with tony perkins. we are keeping an eye on the forecast today. looks like today is the pick of the week. >> i agree with that. change is coming beginning tomorrow really. enjoy today. this will in the most sunshine we'll have for the remainder of the week. 52 degrees is the current temperature. that will change. 54 up if new york city. pittsburgh 55 and raleigh, north carolina is at 52 degrees here's a look at the satellite radar for our region. we have seen some of the clouds
6:31 am
move outful during the course of the day a few clouds here and there. here's your day plan foretoday. yesterday we topped out at 57 degrees today we should do better than that by 10, 11, 12 degrees. partly sunny skies, presencesy today. winds out of the northwest .10 to 20 miles per hour. again our temperatures take a turn for the worst, i guess. much congresser air starting tomorrow. coming up in 15 minutes, ask weather gay. tucker going to handle it. you don't want to handle it? we'll see what happens. >> we talked about it amongst ourselves. >> we'll work it out.
6:32 am
julie a mood, too. because her caps lost last night. >> reporter: it went into overtime. you know what time i got home and got to bed? >> about two hours ago. >> reporter: lots going on right now. we are going back to the gw parkway. that is the big story. there was a crash. unfortunately, it is a fatal accident that remains under investigation. southbound. again police fire and rescue units were on the scene earlier. the south bound lanes are blocked. all traffic is being diverted off at the memorial bridge. continue on to 110. days are stacking up coming southbound on the parkway. northbound everything is open. 197 crash southbound traffic
6:33 am
low as at 198. the problem here on the beltway as you continue westbound 495 is an accident ahead of you at georgia avenue tying up the two west lanes. eastbound i-70 between new market, that is 75 and the exit for 27, tractor trailer crash involving a couple of them, actually a fuel spill. in virginia northbound i-95 crash here on the parkway on the shoulder. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we go to the breaking news on the gw parkway. scott fox is over what was a house fire. no word on the damage to the house. we understand all the folks inside were able to make it out safely, so good news there as we continue to bring you updates on what's happening in maryland this morning. our big story this morning, police investigating what they are calling a random and brutal attack at george washington
6:34 am
university. >> a hammer-wielding suspect took aim at an unsuspecting student. sarah has more. >> reporter: goodmorning. pretty scary. inside the hall here at the george washington university school of business. the thing that is very concerning is the fact that this is somebody it appears it was a random attack. but there is no security here. the public is allowed in. there is no id check that is required in order to get inside the building. now let's take a look at the person that is accused of this violent attack. it was inside the second floor bag room. against the student at the george washington school university school of business. he is described by the victim as middle eastern, a stocky build, wearing three quarter length pants. police believe the man used a hammer to hit him and one classmate of the victim says he
6:35 am
was tack from behind. >> e was at the urinal. he basically was using the facility. he came out from behind not once but twice. i think he started yelling after he fought the guy off. the student was hurt badly enough he had to be taken to the hospital and received stitches. a lot of students are to the.where they are going to the bathroom in groups. there have been e-mail aput out by campus police to let them know what has happened and to keep their eyes out buffalo since this is a random attack, police are very concerned because they are wondering what else this person is capable of doing. bang to you. thanks so much. now to last week's high profile shooting of an ims
6:36 am
economist. investigators say they don't believe the man's job played a role. somebody ambushed and shot him in his garage last thursday. police are looking for the suspect. they say robbery is a motive. there was a vigil for 1-year-old detailer. he was shot and killed last monday night. he had just returned to washington after spending two years with family members in tennessee. police are still looking for suspects. a community discussion is being held tonight at southeast tab knackal church. the program begins at 6:30. this is a big day in the push for healthcare reform as the senate committee vote could advance the president's most domestic issue. nothing is certain about the
6:37 am
outcome. nothing is certain let's find out what's going to happen today, let's check in with doug. >> good morning, doug. >> good morning, steve. if there was perfect party discipline democrats would easily carry the day. a couple may not be on board with this. the white house would be thrilled if even one republican goes along. >> there may be a lot of arm twisting in the halls of the capital today because this vote could affect everyone connecting with healthcare. doctors, patients, insurance companies. it could get pretty nasty. i think they are ready to start fighting back. >> and they already are. the insurance commissioned a study showing premiums will sky rocket under the plan. critics were quick to shoot it down. >> i don't think it is worth the paper it is written on. >> but the insurance company's central complain is this. the plans working their way
6:38 am
through congress require the plans to insure people even with preexisting conditions. the problem is many people would only buy insurance even -- only when they got sick. the government would have to create a big risk pool. forcing all of us to get health insurance. young people would have to subsidize the rest of the population. they'll face fines if they don't participate but the report says the fines are too low and many will opt out causing big premium hikes for everyone else. >> it is going to result in higher healthcare costs for families and employers. even if the senate finance committee moves this forward today, it has to be merged with other plans working their way through congress.
6:39 am
a colorado insurance company is changing its policy about healthy fat babies. rocky mountain health plans will for longer consider obesity a preexisting condition. the change comes after the insurer turned down this four-month-old who was breastfeed and go weighed about 17 pounds. the insurer says the boy was obese and he can't qualify for overage. our local family left waiting for help for more than one hour after calling 911-6789 you'll hear stair story, next. and their divorce drama has gripped national headlines. we are going to be life in pennsylvania as lawyers for kate and jon gosselin head to court. also an update, a major commuter road in virginia should down this morning. julie will have details on the gw parkway coming up as well. it is now 6:40 on your tuesday morning. game.
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but that was before he attended pat robertson's law school and served on its board... before he wrote that "working women are detrimental to the family." before he introduced 35 bills restricting a woman's choice. and before he voted against equal pay for women. so no matter what mcdonnell claims, all signs say he's not from around here...anymore.
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making headlines at 6:43 this morning. a disturbing discovery here. somebody carved a s.w.a.t. ca next to president obama's name. the country club is refilling the turf this morning. so far police do not have any suspects. the uss new york is getting ready for its maiden voyage. the ship takes off for new york today. it will be officially commissioned next month. it was built with nearly eight tons of steel from the world trade centers and is honored in name for the victims. a helicopter drill will happen today and tomorrow. you are going to see extra choppers in the area of i-95 and exit 161 in morton. this morning the jon and kate divorce drama heads to court. the lawyers are working on some
6:44 am
money issues. >> this includes recent claims jon drained a joint bank account of hundreds of thousands of dollars. what can we expect today? >> reporter: well, we can expect a lot. of course it will be a whole lot of drama as it always is with these two. in a couple of hours, this feuding reality couple will be in the hands of a judge here at the courthouse behind me. get this, kate gosselin has asked the court to force jon to return more than $200,000 he reportedly swiped from that joint bank account and to find her ex in contempt. kate recently appeared on national tv saying jon left her and the kids with only $1000 and unable to pay the bills when he took that money. but jon is denying accusations he left kate high and dry and he also took to the airways recently to tell his side. he is saying they have 11 bank account and his she is the one
6:45 am
hiding and stashing monday a way, he claims in court documents she has withdrawn over a million dollars in the past year. now after weeks of publicly bashing each other in the media, they'll try, try to resolve some of their divorce drama in court. but of course as we come back out live, all of this will be up to the judge to decide as to who is telling the truth here and at this hour, behind me, both local and media crews have started to set up hre. they are in position. everyone trying to get that money shot of the two walking into the courthouse with of course their lawyers in tow. the hearing is scheduled to start at 8:00 in the morning and of course we will be here to cover it all. for now that is the latest. guys, back to you. >> these guys lived their whole life out in the spotlight. they are actually starting to get along better now? that is the latest we have had. have you heard anything about
6:46 am
that? >> reporter: well, according to our friends over at it m. z., jon and kate are expected not to say much. apparently their lawyers worked out a deal they are not allowed to talk to any of us. but as to what happens inside the courtroom, what is decide and how they feel coming out of the courtroom, we'll have to wait and see i can't thanks so much for joining us. it is 6:46. right now. big story of the morning. >> apparently john gosselin hanging out with michael lohan. >> they were carving pumpkins with the kids. >> a lot of quality people. what is going on with our weather? >> we'll start with the bus stop forecast. we have cool conditions yet again. 50s or temperatures in the 50s and in some sps even the upper 40s. so jacket time again today. no shorts for the kids.
6:47 am
no this morning. sunrise will be at 7:16. temperatures around the region, as i mentioned 42 in washington. leonard town 53 degrees. baltimore 50 degrees at this hour. here's a look at the satellite radar composite. it is going to show you we ve some clouds, they are breaking up a little bit. more cloud cover out to the west, those will factory-built ner as well. a mixed bag during the morning hours. interest to the south. but none here for today. here is the forecast for today. partly sunny, warmer. becoming breezy. 69 degrees yesterday's high was only 57 degrees this will be a nice warm up for today and then that is it. look at the 5-day forecast. the changes come in high on wednesday 56 degrees then
6:48 am
thursday rain showers begin in the latter part of the day we believe 53 for your high. friday rainy and rather cool. your high about 50 degrees rather breezy. not going to be a pleasant day. going to feel rather raw on friday the way we are thinking right now. that is the weather. time now for ask the weather guy. it is tucker barnes and i we put our big heads together to answer your questions. today's question is from pat. the question what is an antisigh clone? >> you know what? it can be as complicated as we want to make. i'm going to let tucker handle. he is better at explaining. >> oh, thank you. meteorologist 101.
6:49 am
anticyclone very simplely speaking, let's go to the graphics and we'll show it to you here. what up to look for, as tony says, look for the big h. >> in the sky. typically blue. the weather maps tell us an anticyclone is moving into the neighborhood. we call them areas of high pressu or ridges. it is a dome of air in the atmosphere that is rotating clockwise. that clockwise air is descending from the center of high pressure. that tells us it is unlikely we'll see storms developing. you kw, typically the in the summerti when we have an area of high pressure move through in the fall or winter, it denotes several days of sunshine and quiet weather. there can be extremes.
6:50 am
in the wintertime our coldest temperatures are often associated with anticyclones moving through. we get the bermuda high that can give us the scorching summer heat waves. so they play a role in the weather around the planet. >> so it is a term used a lot in discussions but not used a lot on the air? >> right. >> when people hear it they tend to think a sigh clone. you -- a cyclone. >> we have heard bermuda high, though. >> if you took the cyclone like we think of that cone and flip it upside down it is that kind. >> that is a good way to look at it. >> thank you, fellows. appreciate that. all right. thank you very much.
6:51 am
that's all we have time for. >> let's go to jewelry wright with alook at traffic. >> reporter: it is busy. the gw parkway is still shut down because of a crash. we have live shots from the scene. southbound traffic diverted off at route 50. if you are traveling southbound delays are stacking up before the roosevelt bridge. as you can see tow truck on t scene with an investigation that is ongoing. traffic inbound diverted off at 50. quick peak at what's happening northbound. crash was in the right lane with the back-up at college park. eastbound traffic diverted off at 144. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a local family left hanging when they needed the help the most. >> officers didn't get to their scene until after 7:00 in the morning, an hour and 20 minutes
6:52 am
after the three suspects stormed in and ransacked the house. laura evans has details. >> pulled the screen off and pried open the window and climbed in through here. >> reporter: rebecca and her family were asleep back in september when three men broke n, ransacking their home they stole fice equipment, electronics, money and one of family cars. rebecca woke up, saw the mess and called 911. she was told to wait until an officer arrived. >> we went upstairs and we waited. and then nobody showed up for quite sometime. >> reporter: rebecca wants to know what took so ong. montgomery county police say they do too. >> we are treat it go seriously and as a formal complain and an internal investigation. >> reporter: there may have been a breakdown in communication. rebecca first called to report the burglary at 5:49 a.m.
6:53 am
at 6:02 a sarge gave permission to hold the cal. >> it is the end of the midnight shift and the beginning of the day work shift. routine calls are held. >> reporter: when you the call juan routine because no one had searched the scene. an officer was finally dispatched more than an hour after the initial call. >> we are looking at our protocol, our system and how we are doing things. who received what information at our 911 emergency call center. >> reporter: these three suspects were arrested and charged in the case. rebecca has some of her stolen items back she is still unsettled by the thought that help may not always be on the way immediately. laura evans, fox 5 news. thanks so much. the suspects in the burglary are also charged in three other cases. at least two of them are repeat offenders and police say
6:54 am
they may face more charges. coming up does your pet need some pampering? it may be time to make weekend plans. holly is taking us out to the pet expo. we'll be right back. you like your health coverage, but worry what happens...
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alright. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. happy tuesday, everybody. i'm holly morris. and this morning i'm calling all paws and claws because we're live at the mclean
6:58 am
community center because they're gearing up for the mclean pet expo. and kir by the chinchilla is already out. and owning a pet is about a bond. and this is about making it a better experience for both and they also have some entertaining things like leroy the amazing dog. leroy, that's you're queue. he was on the greatest american dog last year, the television show. and he's going to be entertaining for us here in morning. we're going to have some other things because this is an amazing show. we'll have canine dogs and a halloween fashion show and we'll have a contest. we'll talk about training and we're going to talk about things pets so you can come out and be a part of it this weekend. i'm impressed. he said the pressure was on.
6:59 am
>> those are smart dogs. thank you, holly. it's time to say good morning to allison and steve. those were my first babies, the dogs. a debate in the health care reform and an audit showing the legislation could sky rocket premiums over the next ten years. we'll break down that audit and take a closer look at the latest development in the health care debate with a white house insider. and more on the virginia governor's case. three weeks until election day and with one candidate holding on to a near double-digit lead. so did either of them shake up the debate last night in richmond? also coming up this morning, he's the leader of thein affective redskins offense and it seems he's firmly planted on the hot seat. now jim zorn is voicing his own frustrati. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right


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